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Micro-Fiction Contest -- First 150 Entries!

$10 Entry Fee 

General Guidelines:

Submit one published or unpublished micro-fiction piece, a maximum of 500 words. 

Please format your submission double-spaced and include a word count. In the top header please add the title and page numbers. 

Include the title of the story in the name of your Word file.

In the cover letter: Confirm that this piece is unpublished or if it has been previously published, please include the information (name of journal or magazine and date of first publication) so we can properly credit the publisher.


1st Prize: Your story will be included in the 2020 Anthology along with your bio.

2nd Prize: Your story, your name, city and state will be published.

3rd Prize: The title of your piece, your name, city and state will be published.

If you wish, you can submit multiple times in separate submissions.

No simultaneous submissions are allowed.

(Additional $12 for Editorial Critique, total $22)

Feedback: Receive Editorial Critique within 2-6 weeks of entry! 

Send your submission to  as a Word document attachment after making a payment via Paypal of $22 ($10 for contest entry and $12 for editorial critique) to

Selecting the critique option for your submission does not guarantee your submission will be selected as a winner or for publication online, but it does guarantee a summary of insights, edits, and recommendations on your work. Specifically, feedback will include consideration of the following:

What are the narrative’s strengths? 

What are the narrative's weaknesses?

How is the technical aspect of the writing?

Contest results will be announced in Spring 2020.

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